Top 10 Low-Carb Fast Food Plan That Always Works

Dining out in a fast-food restaurant can be extremely hard, especially when you are on a strict low-carb diet. Fast food is mostly based upon tortillas and bread, which make them high-carb items. However, there are some restaurants that do offer you a low-carb option or items that you can easily convert into low-carb. Let’s find out some low-carb fast food items you can try:

No-Bread Sub: The very popular submarine sandwiches come with a lot of carbs, almost 50 grams of carb is there in the bun itself. Well, you can still have it by transforming it into a low-carb dish. How? Well, by ditching the bread. Yes, u heard it right, submarine sandwich in a tub is what we are talking about.

KFC Chicken: Fried chicken is a complete no-no when you are on a low-carb diet. Why? Because chickens absorb a lot of oil while frying. Plus, heating vegetable oil on high temperature can also produce some harmful compounds, increasing the risk of cancer and heart problems. Instead of fried chicken, you can opt for grilled chicken, as a single of chicken contains just 1 gram crab.

Low Carb Fast Foods list

Heavy Cream & Coffee: Tea and coffee are carb-free and also have caffeine in high quantity. Caffeine can help you improve your physical and mental performance, boost metabolic rate and refresh your mood. If you are already into black coffee then great. But if you love milk in your coffee, ask the cafe to use heavy cream instead of milk. Half milk and half cream would be a better combination if you get one that.

Chipotle Salad: Chipotle has gained much popularity lately. People consider this chain of restaurants to serve the best quality food. It is very easy to find a bowl of a low-carb diet in Chipotle. They can easily get you a bowl of salad with grilled vegetables, guacamole, and meat. The salad consists of 14-gram carbs, eight of which are fiber. Apart from this, the meal also offers 30 grams protein that enhances the production of “gut hormones PYY and CCK”, which signals your brain that you are now full.

Breakfast Bowl From Panera Bread

Panera Bread is also a popular fast-restaurant that features coffee, salads, soups, pastries and sandwiches. Most items available here are loaded with carb, but there are two menus from the secret recipes of the cafe, which is absolutely low-carb.

The “Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Turkey”- This dish contains basil, bell peppers, spinach and egg whites that have almost 25 grams of protein and only 7 grams of carb.

The “Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak” - This dish consists of avocados, tomatoes, steak and 2 eggs and has 20 grams of protein and 5 gram of carbs.

Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast keeps you full for a very long time and reduces your cravings for snacks.

Green Burger

Unlike the common burgers, this is a burger wrapped in green lettuce to make it great low-carb fast food meal. The best part about this burger is that it’s carb-free, rich in protein and widely available in any burger joint. You can also choose to customize your burger according to your preference.

  • Bacon: Per slice must have less than 1 gram carb
  • Mayo: Per Tablespoon must have 1 gram carb
  • Cheese: Per slice must have less than 1 gram carb
  • Onions: Per slice must have 1 gram digestible carb
  • Mustard: Per Tablespoon must have 1 gram carb
  • Tomato: Per slice must have 1 gram digestible carb
  • Guacamole: Per quarter cup must have 3 grams of carb

Eggs with Bacon or Sausage

Sometimes simplest works the best, just like eggs with sausages or bacon. This is one of the most traditional breakfast menus with a minimum amount of carb and is mostly available in all sorts of a fast-food restaurant. To add more, eggs can be great to keep your full for hours. A study proved that young women who eat sausages and eggs in breakfast feels less hungry and also experiences lower blood sugar level.

Buffalo Wings

A pretty delicious and fun food to eat, especially when you are in a sports bar or a pizza place. However, opting them for a low-carb diet meal depends majorly upon how they are made. In the traditional recipe, buffalo wings are covered in a spicy sauce made using vinegar and red hot pepper. Carb content of this food is just 0 to 3 per serving. But the carb content also depends on the sauce.

Arby’s Bunless Sandwiches

Arby’s is one US’s most popular and largest fast-food chain that is mostly reputed for its famous “Roast Beef Classic”. However, the restaurant has various other low-carb options like turkey, chicken, ham, steak and brisket. You can order any of these without the bread. It is not only low-carb but also very rich in protein.

Antipasto Salad

Most Italian fast-food restaurants serve high-carb food items like subs, pasta, and pizzas. However, Antipasto salad is a bit different. It is a delicious low-carb salad that is served like an appetizer consisting of vegetables, olives, olive oil dressing, cheese and assorted meat.

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