Top Benefits of Adhering Low- Carb Diet Plan

What is a low carb diet? Well by low carb, we mean diet with low carbohydrate consumption like avoid sugary food items like bread, pasta and replacing them with real food items like vegetables, natural fats, proteins etc. Studies also show that people who live on low- carb diet, loses more weight and stays more fit. But even then, there are millions of controversies relating to it. Why?

Low Carb Diet - An Introduction

TLow carb diet means having less carbohydrate and more protein or fat. This kind of diet is also termed as high- fat diet or a keto diet. Basically, this diet asks us to reduce the consumption of sugar and starches. It allows you to enjoy delicious food without gaining weight. It says, “fat is your friend”.

Scientists have proven that low carb diet actually works. Avoiding starches and sugar intake stabilizes blood sugar level in your body and drops the insulin- fat-storing hormone, making you feel satiated and reducing your appetite. Some studies have proven that this kind of diet plan actually helps you lose weight and control your blood sugar level.

The Basic Concept

Avoid- Food that includes starch and sugar like potatoes, beans, rice, pasta, bread etc.
Eat- Natural fats like butter, vegetables that grows above the ground, eggs, fish, meat.
Eat until you are completely satisfied. Don’t count the amount of calories you are taking in and forget about having any processed food that claims to be low- fat. It is this simple.
Some yummy yet low-carb dishes you can try:

  • Low-Carb Pizza Crust
  • Pimiento Cheese Meatballs
  • Hamburger Patties with Fried Cabbage and Creamy Tomato Sauce

Low-Carb Diet is Not For You. When?

This diet is completely safe and people can start following it anytime. But there are some exceptions that you must consider. You should avoid this diet regimen if,

  • You are pregnant or a nursing mother.
  • You are on suffering from high blood pressure
  • You are suffering from diabetes
Low Carb Weight Loss Results

What to Eat When You Are on Low-Carb Diet?

Here , you can learn exactly which food items are allowed in your diet list. You will get a detailed list and guide along with tips and recipes. So, let’s get started.

  • Cheese
  • Natural Fats
  • Meat
  • Seafood and Fish
  • Eggs
  • Above the ground vegetables
All the above mentioned food items have carb quantity less than 5%, which is best for you diet and can help you lose weight in just few weeks. Fiber is not counted because the iet says you can have as much amount of fiber you want. Have less than 20% carb per day and you can experience the change yourself.

Food That You Should Avoid:

  • Fruits (7-2-% carb)
  • Beer (13% carb)
  • Cooked Rice (28% carb)
  • Donut (49% carb)
  • Candy (70% carb)
  • Bread (46% carb)
  • Chocolate Bar (60% carb)
  • Pasta Cooked (29% carb)
  • Soda or Juice (52% carb)
  • Potatoes( 17% carbs)
If you are planning to consume them occasionally, chose wisely. Try to intake the least you can.

What to Drink?

  • Water (0% carb)
  • Tea (0% carb)
  • Coffee (0% carb)
  • Red Wine (2% carb)

Drinking water, tea and coffee is completely fine. But make sure you are not using any kind of artificial sweeteners. Modest amount of cream or milk is fine, but stay away from caffe latte. Drinking wine is also fine, but occasionally.


Try to restrict carbohydrate intake of your body to the least so that the effect on your blood sugar level and weight is maximum. We recommend you to strictly follow the advice and diet chart provided by your dietitian. Once you reach your goal, you may enjoy eating more liberally, only if you want. The process can cut short and become much simpler, if you opt for a diet pill like Phen24 that stimulates the weight loss procedure of your body naturally. For more details, pay a Visit to our Official Page of Phen24.

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