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Are you fed up with the weight loss tablets and do you want a break from it? It is a myth that only a weight loss tablet can work. No, we are not suggesting you to undergo a surgery to remove the fat from your body. We are actually recommending an exceptional product for reducing that stubborn fat.

Slim Diet Patch is the outcome of advanced research made by experts in the healthcare field. It consists of fat burning ingredients which work externally and result in fat loss effectively.

What Is Slim Diet Patch?

Slim Diet Patch is a 24-hours weight loss product that works without the use of capsules, pills or tablets. It uses the transdermal technology to target your fat area and burn the fat effectively, and provides other benefits on a simultaneous basis.

How Does It Work?

When you take a weight loss pill or a tablet, your body does not absorb all of its ingredients. Only a fraction of ingredients are blended into your body. Supplements have to pass through the digestive system wherein most of the powerful fat-burning components get destroyed. Only few ingredients reach the desired area where the stubborn fat layers are deposited.

But Slim Diet Patch uses the patch technology. It means that almost 95 percent of the fat-burning ingredients are absorbed by the body. The active ingredients of this product are not transported through the digestive system but are delivered directly to the body. Within a 24-hour period, your body receives the expected stream of nutritional ingredients.


The fat burning ingredients contained in Garcinia Extra are:

Seaweed Extract (Fucus Vesiculosus)

Since ages, this ingredient has been used in the homeopathic medicine. It is an extract of sea kelp. Loaded with anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, this ingredient promotes overall health of your body and mind, and also helps you in losing weight. Fucus contains huge amounts of iodine, stimulating thyroid and speeding up the body metabolism. It also breaks down and melts the nasty fat layers on your body. As you consume sufficient quantities of iodine, you do not feel lethargic. On the contrary, you feel energetic even when you are on a diet. You can spend this energy during your workout sessions.

Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia Sinensis)

As we all know, green tea is rich in antioxidants and contains an important component known as catechins. ECGC is one of the catechins that boosts our metabolism and results in fat breakdown. Green tea also utilizes the thermogenesis process to increase the fat burn activity. It also increases your body temperature and increases the process of calorie burn.

Acai Fruit Extract (Euterpe Oleracea)

Acting as a weight loss acid, this ingredient contains amino acids and phytosterols to burn fat effectively and undergo a quick fat loss. The fatty acids namely, Omega 3 and Omega 6 are superb in boosting your metabolism. Amino acids help you in recovering after a workout session. Phytosterols helps in quicker absorption of nutrients into the body. Thus, you can gain all the benefits of these components through Slim Diet Patch.

Why Slim Diet Patch Is Better Than Other Brands?

As compared to other patches and weight loss gadgets, Slim Diet Patch contains more powerful ingredients that work externally and result in the weight loss.

The process to apply a Slim Diet Patch is very easy and convenient. You do not have to spend a lot of time on it.

Other brands do not offer discount vouchers and savings schemes. But Bauer Nutrition does save your money along with an excellent quality product.


1. Natural weight loss for all the 24 hours a day

It works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, provided you apply it rightly on the desired fatty area of your body.

2. Increases metabolism

Do you believe that only a capsule can boost your metabolism? Well, this is not correct as Slim Diet Patch also boosts your metabolism even though it is a patch.

3. Burn fat storage deposits

It burn fat storage on the desired area without affecting other body organs.

4. 100 percent more effective than the weight loss pills

Instead of consuming a weight loss pill, try this Slim Diet Patch. It is definitely more effective and harmless than the ordinary capsules.

5. Instant results

Not years, not even months. You can experience weight loss results within a few weeks of time.

6. Special natural ingredients for weight loss

It comprises of special ingredients as the team has performed extensive research on the same.

Any Side Effects

It does not result in any unpleasant effects on your body as it does not transport through your body organs. It is applied on your skin.

But if your skin is allergic to certain ingredients, then you can check it beforehand. The money back guarantee saves your money, no doubt.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Slim Diet Patch

1. Easy and convenient to use: No need to swallow capsules and carry those wherever you go. Slim Diet Patch is easy to use and no one will get an idea that you are using this patch on your skin.

2. No side effects: This is the unique point of this product. As the ingredients do not enter your body organs, it does not tamper with your health. It works from the outside-in and loses fat easily.

3. More effective than pills: If you are of the opinion that pills are stronger and effective, then you are wrong. Slim Diet Patch has more amazing benefits than the regular weight loss pills.

4. Quick results: No waiting for fat burn for months and years because Slim Diet Patch works instantly as you apply it for 24 hours.

5. A fantastic brand: Bauer Nutrition has been supplying exquisite weight loss products and supplements to the customers. Slim Diet Patch is one of its unique creations.


She was fed up by swallowing weight loss capsules since almost a year. She suffered from various side effects of these pills. Hence, she wanted something that is natural yet effective. When she came across the website of Slim Diet Patch product, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Now, no side effects, she said to herself and tried this product. After using it for two months, she has transformed her body into a lean and toned physique.

Ashley M North Carolina, US


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Thus, Slim Diet Patch is a capsule-free weight loss method that works in a superb and natural way. You simply have to use it as per instructions and the patch does its job in a wonderful way. There is no valid reason of not using this patch.

Slim Diet Patch - at a glance
Purpose of Slim Diet Patch Slim Diet Patch results in natural weight loss without consuming any kind of medications.
Recommended Usage Place one patch of Slim Diet Patch on your arm or the area of which you need to remove fat. Place it like a plaster on the skin.
Continue with your daily routine as Slim Diet Patch will be working on your skin without your knowledge.
After 24 hours, remove this patch and use another patch for a different body area.
Benefits Slim Diet Patch offers benefits like increase in metabolism, natural weight loss, fat burn, and much more.
Brand Name Bauer Nutrition
Price $49.99 for one packet of Slim Diet Patch.
Where To Buy Slim Diet Patch? Official Website
Money back guarantee 60-day money back guarantee
Is there any price match guarantee made available by the company? Price Match Guarantee is offered by the company. If a customer finds the same product at a much cheaper price, then the company will match it.
What is the shipping and delivery policy of the company? Free and Fast Worldwide Delivery is provided by the company.
If a customer does an online payment, is it secure? Of course. The company uses 128 bit encryption for the security of its customers.
Which payment methods are accepted by the company? Card payments of Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and PayPal are accepted by the company.
Does the company offer discounts on its Facebook page? Yes. Simply like the FB page of the company and you will get Free Discount Vouchers. You will also receive any special promotions and discounts on their exclusive range of products.
Is there a need to consume weight loss pills and tablets while using Slim Diet Patch? Not at all. One does not have to take any weight loss pills or tablets while using Slim Diet Patch.
It is a pill-free weight loss regime.
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