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Hello Folks! This is Paula. Welcome to my review site, i.e., www.phenofficial.com. Where you are about to stumble upon some of the world most effective weight loss products and formulas, that are Safe, naturally formulated, prescription-free and furnishes you with desirable results in just about a few months’ time.

Besides reviewing I am also the sole owner of the website, where is wish to only review and announce products that are made with Natural ingredients under FDA approved facilities and are 100% beneficial for weight loss effects.

My passion for reviewing these products stems from my own weight loss experience. Like any other woman I too had significant weight issues, and with the sedentary lifestyle that we lead today and the availability of unhealthy fast foods I experienced a sudden accumulation of body fat, especially in the abdomen area, thighs and waistline.

This undesirable body shape almost got me into depression, and it was right about then when I discovered these Super Effective Phen Formulas. Before making a purchase, I read through their official website, every before and after testimonial provided by first hand customers, and the effectivity and purpose of every ingredient used in the formulation.

Even though they had me at their powerful intermix of ingredients, I still considered doing a thorough research myself about the efficacy and dosage of every ingredient mixed into the formula, before hastily making a purchase. Because I always like to spend money wisely than to regret having spent it on ineffective products later.

So, then when I was finally convinced (after my reading clinical studies on the ingredients), I ordered for my purchase and started with the Phen’s Weight Loss Journey.

After starting with the product, to be honest, I didn’t experience a change right away, but the sudden outburst of energy, controlled and suppressed appetite were the changes I could feel directly!

The increase in energy throughout the day, especially during workouts kept me spirited and positive, and it was then I realised that this formula is indeed one of a kind. And, my never-ending appetite was also curbed, which therefore kept me from indulging in frequent snacking and munching on chips and chocolates.

And, with the sharp changes in my energy, focus, motivation and appetite I also started working out on a regular basis without a wee bit of tiredness even after those stressful hours at work.

By the end of the 2nd month my colleagues too started noticing the change in me, and obviously the constant enquiry about my diet continued, and to be true, I too could feel notable changes in my body and thought of getting my weight checked once again. And, it was then when I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that I had lost almost 9 pounds in just about 2 months.

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I continued using the Phen formula for a total of 6 months, as by then I was almost addicted to losing weight for a slimmer and fitter future. Because, more than anything else, my weight loss journey made me realise that much of my confidence was hidden behind my fats all this while. But, sooner it was gone the more I felt confident and positive about myself.

After unfolding my new-found confidence, I thought I should start my own reviewing site, where I would bring forward some of the Top-ranked Weight Loss formulas, so that people with weight issues like me, do not have to turn to harmful prescription medications like phentermine, yet experience the same benefits of phentermine without its side-effects, doctor visits and prescriptions.

And, remember NO Weight loss Pill or Formula is a miracle pill that will help you shed those undesirable pounds of fat overnight. Companies who claim so, are deceiving you entirely with their high-skilled marketing strategies.

According to my opinion, always check out the ingredient list and google the benefits and the dosage, if you want to refrain from undesirable side-effects, deceit, fraud or trickery. Verify for yourself before you make your purchase. And, also check if the product covers a Money-Back Guarantee Policy. Good Luck and Thanks for Visiting.