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Mother Nature has gifted with a variety of natural herbs, fruits and plants. These herbs provide us with a plethora of benefits that we are not even aware of. But the supplement companies are researching on an extensive basis how these natural herbs and plants can be harnessed to gain weight loss benefits.

One such company is Bauer Nutrition which has created a unique solution for your weight loss concerns. The company health experts have found immense advantages in the capsicum extract. So, here is the detailed review of this dynamic supplement – Capsiplex that harnesses the benefits of capsicum extract in it.

What Is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a natural one-stop solution to your weight loss requirements, along with a calorie-burning process, improvement in stamina and increase in metabolism. With the help of patented and powerful ingredients and a release technology, you receive the weight loss benefits in the most desired form.

How Does It Work?

The main ingredient of Capsiplex is well-known to all of us and has been used in cooking since hundreds of years. We are talking about red peppers, also known as capsicum. These capsicums contain a group of compounds known as capsaicinoids. Due to the presence of these unique compounds, red peppers result in the thermogenesis process and increases our metabolic activity along with rise in the body’s energy expenditure level.

As the thermogenesis process is activated, it results in benefits such as weight management and control. Similarly, it causes other favorable things to happen such as appetite control, healthy metabolism, lipolysis and others.

As overweight results in tiredness and lethargy, Capsiplex is designed to make you feel energize and enthusiastic during the day by activating your metabolism rate.

Now, you must be thinking, “why not consume red peppers everyday instead of consuming this supplement?” Well, Capsiplex is not just red peppers but a proprietary blend of premium ingredients, and with a release mechanism that causes a positive effect on your body, without any oral or gastric irritation.

OmniBead is the name of the beadlet encapsulation technology that transfers the positive benefits of capsicum to your body without any burn effect. The natural capsicum extracts are used in Capsiplex in a concentrated and intense form so that you are benefitted with the active capsaicinoids but you do not experience the harsh taste and gastric irritation of the red peppers.



As the name indicates, Capsiplex contains extract of capsicum. But it also has other ingredients which are discussed in detail as follows:

Capsicum Extract: The powerhouse of Capsiplex, this ingredient suppresses hunger, accelerates metabolism, regulates calorie usage, controls body mass and also reduces body fat to some extent. One may not be aware of these advantages of capsicum but the experts at Bauer Nutrition know about this ingredient very well and hence, they have brilliantly used in this supplement.

Caffeine: Caffeine is wonderful in weight management routine. The company experts have included this ingredient for increasing the resting energy expenditure. Similarly, it also increases lipolysis and fat oxidation process. Your cognitive powers such as concentration and alertness of mind also gets improved with caffeine. Thus, apart from hunger suppression, caffeine offers many benefits to us.

Piperine: Piperine is an important ingredient in raising the bioavailability of other nutrients in the body. In short, due to the presence of Piperine, other ingredients get absorbed into our body easily and quickly. During this process, the enzymes that block the metabolism mechanism are inhibited and removed from the way. Further, they are replaced by nutrients contained in the supplement. Hence, Piperine makes the supplement more powerful.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Niacin: Also commonly known as Vitamin B3, it extracts energy from carbs, proteins and fats and provides it to your body systems and organs. As a result, your body performs effectively with the help of all these nutrients. Niacin also reduces the fats deposited in your body parts, making you slim.

Why Capsiplex Is Better As Compared To Other Brands?

Unlike other brands, Capsiplex provides following unique points:

  • More than 278 calories are burned before, during and after a fitness routine.
  • 3 times more calories are burnt before an exercise routine.
  • 3 percent more calories are burnt during an exercise routine.
  • 12 times more calories are burnt for an exercise routine lasting for one hour.

Thus, you can see that the calorie burning process gets accelerated in your body after consuming Capsiplex capsules, which is not possible with other supplements.


Capsiplex comes with a package of wholesome benefits that can be elaborated as follows:

Enhances the capacity of the body to do more work: As Capsiplex increases the energy levels of your body, your capacity to exert and work more increases automatically. As a result, you can work well in the office, at home and also exert more in the gym without fatigue and tiredness.

Irons out body fat: One of the common benefits of the weight loss supplements like Capsiplex is reduction in body fat. Yes, it also deals with the stubborn body fat and removes it out of the body, without making you feel de-energized.

Assists in the calorie burning process: Capsiplex plays an important role in the calorie burning process, which is essential in the weight loss process.

Accelerates the metabolic rate of the body: Capsiplex facilitates faster metabolism in the body system, and thus helps in reducing weight and body mass.

Controls appetite: In order to reduce weight, you need to suppress your food cravings at regular intervals. Capsiplex does this job and hence, you can skip that another cup of coffee to suppress appetite.

Promotes digestive system functioning : This supplement promotes smooth functioning of digestive organs and hence, you get relived from stomach related concerns such as constipation and bloating. You feel better and healthier than ever.

Any Side Effects

  • Capsiplex needs to be taken only once a day along with a healthy diet and a proper exercise regime. You cannot rely only on this supplement and expect magical results.
  • As the capsicum extract is responsible for thermogenic process, your stamina and performance levels will increase before and during an exercise session.
  • You cannot consume this supplement before going to bed as it will hamper your sleep schedule.
  • Being natural, this supplement does not result in any side effects.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Capsiplex

Capsiplex is worth a try because of the following reasons:

1. It is a natural, safe and effective way of losing weight and burning more calories.

2. Priced at $39.95, it is pretty cheaper than other weight loss solutions such as surgeries and injections.

3. With a price match and money back guarantee, your purchase money is safeguarded.

4. Due to the efficient delivery team, you get your package at your doorstep within least possible time.

5. You gain benefits like higher energy levels so that your weight loss goal is accomplished.


You must have found a pool of weight loss supplements in the market. Choosing one of them is an overwhelming task. One of the easiest ways is to check their reviews. Hence, we are giving you reviews of four customers who have tried using Capsiplex.

This customer feels that this product promises a lot and delivers the same results. There is no diversion in the purpose of this product. She recommends this supplement to all those who are trying to lose weight by healthy and safe means. She has tried various well-known brands and has been disappointed with their outcomes. But with Capsiplex, she feels that it is completely natural and effective.

Maria G Tembisa, South Africa

This customer has reviewed the product in the initial days of the consumption. Hence, she is not completely aware about the positive outcomes of the same. However, in the initial days of consumption of Capsiplex, she is feeling an increase in the energy level and decrease in appetite. She will review about her weight loss outcomes in due course.

Emily B Launceston, Australia

The customer picked up Capsiplex because it is was a 100 percent natural supplement and it caused no side effects. He did a lot of research before buying this supplement. For instance, he surfed on internet for maximum reviews and information, watched YouTube videos pertaining to Capsiplex, and also went through the celebrity endorsements. He made his first purchase through online portal and he could actually feel the difference in the form of energy and weight reduction. However, he didn’t feel any change in his appetite, there was no decrease in it. He is happy that it caused no side effects, was easy to follow and fitted well in his work schedule.

Alexander K Philadelphia, USA

She has recently placed an online order. She received the packet quite soon, and hence she appreciates the delivery team of the company. She will review and let us know about the supplement results soon.

Kim W Kampong Glam, Singapore

Thus, Capsiplex is a unique formula that will work for you as a weight loss solution in a natural, safe and effective manner. Though it may sound expensive for some of the customers, but its positive outcomes cannot go unnoticed. Need to give it a try and see the difference by yourself!

Capsiplex - at a glance
Purpose of Capsiplex Capsiplex is a premium strength formula that provides one-stop solution for managing your body weight.
Suggested Dosage On workout days, consume 1 capsule with a glass of water 30-60 minutes before the workout session.
On non-workout days, consume 1 capsule with a glass of water before a healthy breakfast.
Benefits Capsiplex provides a lot of benefits such as reduction of body fat, more calories burning, increase in metabolism, hunger control, improvement in digestion and so on.
Brand Name Bauer Nutrition
Price 1 packet of Capsiplex capsules will cost you $39.95
Price of 2 packets - $79.90 (and one pack absolutely free)
Price of 3 packets - $119.85 (and three packets free)
Where To Buy Capsiplex? Official Website
Price Match Guarantee Yes. Available.
Money Back Guarantee Yes. Available for a period of 60 days.
Is free delivery available? Yes. Quick and free delivery to all the countries of the world.
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