10 Ingenious Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas to Kill Your Boredom

Your busy work schedules and hectic lifestyle leaves you no time for cooking a dish that suits your diet perfectly. Hence, you reach out for some convenient options like donuts and sandwiches. But what’s the use, they don’t fit your diet chart anyway.

Breakfast is important to kick start the metabolism in your body, so here are some low-carb breakfast ideas that you can prepare in no time.

Smoothies: Smoothies can never be boring, they have this unique ability to give your taste buds a diverse taste. Load your smoothie with lots of protein by adding cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. If you buying it from the market, make sure it doesn’t contain added sugar.

Egg Wraps: Wraps are quite popular and are often found loaded with high-carb food items. Well say goodbye to those and welcome the simple egg wrap that is rich in protein and also gives you enough space to experiment with its taste.

Parfaits with Greek Yogurts: Load yogurt with sugar when it is about parfaits. To stay away from the sugar and carb consumption, opt for the greek yogurt that contains no sugar and just protein. You can also top it with sliced almonds and berries.

The Avocado Egg: This is very simple yet to fancy when served to a person on a strict low-carb diet. Slice the avocado in half and take out the pit. Now, crack your egg and in that dip created on both sides. Bake it until the egg white becomes firm and the yolk comes to your desired density. Top it with tomatoes, greek yogurt, and green onions. If you like it spicy, you can also add some hot sauce.

Low Carb Breakfast ideas

Quinoa Bowls: Ditch your bowl of oats and welcome a bowl of quinoa instead. This is a type of seem that supplies amino acids to the body that most plant based food sources fail to provide.

Cantaloupe with Yogurt: There is nothing that you need in this dish. Just take a cantaloupe and cut it horizontally in half. Now, scoop out the pulp along with the seed and stuff yogurt instead. Sprinkle some seeds and nuts to the yogurt for a little crunch.

Fruits with Cottage Cheese: For a high protein breakfast, opt for cottage cheese added with fruits like pineapple or peach. Cottage cheese contains a lot of calcium and protein. And fruits add some nutrients and sweetness to the preparation.

Pancakes: Try flourless pancakes that are rich in protein. To make it more interesting, add some of our favorite fruits and syrups like honey or maple syrup to dazzle.

Boiled Eggs: Boiled eggs with some slices of fruits or a multigrain bread is a lovely choice for people who are too busy and can’t afford to cook a healthy breakfast. Hard boiled eggs are easy to make and you can also make them in bulk and store them for further use in your freezer.

Salmon: Ditch the boring eggs and bacon for breakfast and try this very new and lighter version. Salmon is a great source of protein and in also rich in healthy fats. Smoke your salmon or bake it and add seasonings of your choice. Serve it hot with a “sunny-side up egg”.

This is a simple yet interesting low-carb breakfast ideas that you can easily cook even when you are in a hurry. We often get bored with our diet chart and think of ditching it totally for a week or two. But with these easy and refreshing ideas, boredom is never a choice. Combine dietary supplements with your low-carb breakfast routine and experience weight loss in just a week. Opt for Phen24 dietary pills that work both day and night to help you lose weight. For more details, Visit our Official Phen24 review page.

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