Top 5 Natural Alternatives for Pills and Supplements

Looking for healthy ways to lose fat? Sure there are some quick fixes that might help you but how safe are they? According to researchers, almost 15% of U.S adults use pills and supplements to lose weight. To be more precise, 20 percent of this number is women. Do you think experimenting with such drugs and risking your health is OK just to lose weight?

There is a difference between prescription pills and supplements. Dietary pills are safer, but not every one of them. There are only a few that can help you lose weight without causing any issue.There are high chances that you get cheated and scammed by fake websites selling prescription pills and drugs. Don’t risk your life and your health, choose natural supplements or opt for natural alternatives that can help you shed some pounds without causing any health issues.

Natural Alternatives to Prescription Pills and Supplements

When supplements and prescription pills are not an option, natural alternatives like green tea and meal replacement shakes can do some help. Basically, you will have to include foods that are natural fat burners and metabolism enhancers. Now, what are fat burners?

Fat Burners- An Introduction

Fat burners are also termed as thermogenic. Thermogenic supplements help you burn the stored fat in your body and use it in form of energy. According to the very famous “School of Sports and Exercise Sciences, at the University of Birmingham”- fat burner is used to relate with nutritional supplements that claim to enhance your metabolism and boost energy. Although the safety and efficiency of these pills are always questioned, some have proved its credibility and have earned the best feedbacks from their customers.

However, there are some natural elements that also acts as your fat burner and metabolism booster like Green Tea, Meal Replacement Shakes, Cleanse Tea, Weight Loss Patches, and Grapefruit Extract.

Let’s Learn Something More About These Alternatives:

Green Tea: Consuming some amount of caffeine every day from natural teas helps you boost your energy level and lessen inflammation. It can also enhance the metabolism rate of your body. Only 2 cups a day is enough to improve your metabolism, boost energy, uplift your focus and upgrade physical performance. For best results, you should consume matcha green tea, which is a “concentrated powdered tea” from Japan that includes some exceptional fat burning benefits. So, what special in matcha green tea? Well, it contains catechins- a type of antioxidants that ensures quick body recovery, reduced weight and minimizes free radical damage. Drink a cup of green tea before starting your workout sessions and you can experience a boost in your energy level. Read More

Meal Replacement Shakes: Meal replacement shakes are a tasty and healthy alternative to weight loss pills. Fortified with minerals and vitamins, these shakes are best if you are planning to skip your meals and lose those extra pounds. Along with your strict exercise regimen, these creamy and delicious shakes are perfect and also easy to make. They normally come in powdered form, so you just need to mix them in a glass of cold semi- skimmed milk. Most importantly, you get them in your favorite flavors, whether it’s chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

However, these are not the only reason why you should skip your meal in favor of replacement shakes. These are quick, low in calories and also portable, which helps you a lot when you are craving for junk foods. Well, not every replacement shake available in the market are good, so you should be very careful while buying one. Read More

Cleanse Tea: Cleanse Tea is a powerful blend of herbs that improves your digestive health, boosts lymph circulation and removes toxins. Digestive problems and the presence of toxins in your body are some common symptoms of aging but cleanse tea turns this scenario into a completely opposite one. This powerful blend of herbs is designed to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract, securing you from the occasional constipation issues. Apart from this, it also improves blood circulation in your body and eliminates toxins. If you are suffering from digestive issues, then cleanse tea is your absolute solution.Read More

Weight Loss Patches: One small patch can serve as a complete weight loss support. Sounds crazy? Well, weight loss patches aren’t just a fancy product. It really works and has scientifically proved itself. When you are struggling so much to lose weight, you look for a supplement that can stimulate the entire process. But how much of it actually works on your body? Your body can only absorb a fraction of ingredients from the pill because most of its fat burning ingredients get destroyed in the digestive system itself. But with a path, your body can absorb at least 95% of the powerful ingredients. This is because the path has a direct contact to your body and uses the transdermal technology to deliver its ingredients.Read More

Grapefruit Extract: Grapefruit extract can act as a natural energy booster that also promotes weight loss. The active ingredients present in grapefruit reduces your appetite, enhances metabolism, controls food cravings and has a mild effect in uplifting the energy level of your body. Enzymes present in the fruit also helps in breaking down the sugar. Some studies have also proved that the scent of citrus fruits reduces the sweet craving in your body.Read More


Weight loss isn’t easy so you would always need external help. Pills and supplements are hard to choose and also comes with side effects. So, choosing a natural alternative proves to be a safe and beneficial decision. There are numerous alternatives, but these are common and quite easily available in the market. To know more about these alternatives, check out their individual review pages.

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