Dukan Diet - Worthy Trying or Not?

How do you feel about almost 10 pounds in a week and never get it back again? Exciting!! Well, you can make it possible by following the Dukan Diet stays Pirerre Dukan, French general practitioner and nutritionist who also created the Dukan diet in the year 2000.

Water, oat bran, lean protein and walking daily for 20 minutes forms the base of the diet. The aim is to restrict the consumption of carbohydrate and force your body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy. You can eat unlimited while following Dukan diet considered the food falls under the approved list of low carb items.

What is Dukan Diet?

Dukan Diet believes that a high amount of protein intake by our body can help individuals lose weight.

  • foods are low in calories
  • Reduces appetite by making a person feel full
  • Protein takes more energy to digest i.e., burning more calories.

Restricting your body to intake carbohydrate and fat forces it to burn stores fat instead of glucose for energy.

Dukan Diet Review

What Can You Eat in Dukan Diet?

If you are following Dukan diet, you can eat an unlimited amount of oat bran and protein. There are 4 phases of this diet:

Phase 1: This is the attack phase (the first 10 days of your diet regimen), you eat all varies of lean protein available with you. Along with 6 cups of water and 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran daily.

Phase 2: This is the cruise phase (this phase can last for several months), you can add a multiple number of veggies that are free from starch and an “extra half-tablespoon” of the oat bran.

Phase 3: This is the consolidation phase ( “5 days for every pound you have lost”). In this phase, you can add veggies, hard cheese, 2 slices of whole grains one fruit to your diet. Along with these, you can also have starchy vegetables and at least two “celebration” meals, which means no restrictions at all.

Phase 4: this is the final phase and is known as the stabilization, which is mostly about maintenance. You can eat food according to your taste buds, except one day in a week when you would follow the Dukan rules. Along with this, you should also consume 3 tablespoons of oat bran and walk for 20 minutes daily. Unsweetened coffee, tea, artificial sweeteners, spices and sugar-free gums are allowed on the Dukan diet. For alcohol, you can only have red wines only if you are in phase 3 and 4.

Cooking Tips for a Tasty Diet Meal

Since there are very limited items that you can eat, dieters would require some creative cooking ideas that would break the monotony and would also make their food tasty without breaking the rules.

Some Simple yet Incredible Tips:

  • Use fat-free cheese or silken tofu instead of normal cheese
  • Use different herbs and spices to get some flavor like cinnamon with chicken and shrimps with ginger.
  • Don’t fry grill your fish or chicken
  • Avoid sauces, instead, use soy sauce and lemon to marinate

Dukan vs Atkins - How are They Different?

Yes, there are certainly some similarities with the Atkins diet, as both talks about low carbohydrate diet. But there are some key differences as well:

  • While following Dukan diet, you will never have to keep a count of carbs and calories you intake, unlike Atkins.
  • Dukan allows you to chose from the list of 100 foods, plus you get to have other items as well in the third and the last phase.
  • The Dukan Diet focuses mainly on high protein meals, which non-fatty dairy products. But Atkins has no such limits, especially on saturated fats, meat fats, and dairy fats.
  • Atkins recommends individuals to intake processed foods like bars and shakes, but Dukan talks about 100% natural food items.

The Final Verdict

Experts and critics have pointed out that diet restricts certain food groups like fruits and grains, which makes it incomplete in nutrition. Experts also criticize it for being inconvenient to follow because it’s hard and almost everything is prepared from starch. Apart from this, having fish and meat every day can become expensive and the limited choice makes it enough boring to discontinue. For some alternative dieting options, you can check out an individual page for Meal Replacement Shakes, Atkins diet, Paleo diet etc.

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