Alkaline Diet - Is It Too Good to be True?

The alkaline diet is terribly good and quite hard to believe. Supporters of this diet recommend replacing “acid-forming foods” with alkaline foods to see weight loss as well as improvement in health. They also mention that the diet can even help you fight fatal diseases like cancer. But is enough prove to justify these claims? Let’s take a look.

Alkaline Diet - A Complete Description

The alkaline diet is also referred as the alkaline ash diet or acid-alkaline diet. The basic idea is that the food we eat can alter the alkalinity or acidity i.e., the pH value of your body.

Alkaline Diet Weight Loss

Let’s get a more detailed explanation

When you are metabolizing or burning food, you are extracting calories or energy from them. While you are burning the food, they leave some residue, just like wood does when it is burned in a furnace.

Now, the residue ash can be acidic or alkaline depending upon the type of food your are metabolizing. According to the proponents, the residue ash directly affects the pH level of your body. Making it either alkaline or acidic and even neutral. So, Acidic food makes your body acidic while alkaline foods make your body alkaline. But acid ash tends to be more vulnerable to diseases and illness whereas alkaline ash chooses to protect your body and improves health.

Foods that leave an acidic residue includes sulfur, phosphate, and protein while foods that leave alkaline residue includes potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Food groups that can be termed neutral, acidic and alkaline:

  • Neutral: Sugar, Starches and Natural fat.
  • Alkaline: Vegetables, Legumes, Nuts and Fruits
  • Acidic: Alcohol, Grains, Eggs, Dairy, Fish, Poultry, Meat

Learning About the pH Level in Your Body

Before talking about alkaline diet, you should know the meaning of pH value in your body. Well, pH value is a way to measure how alkaline and acidic it is. The pH value ranges from 0 -14. From 0-7 it is acidic, 7 is neutral and from 7-14 is alkaline.

Proponents of alkaline diet recommend people to monitor the pH level of their urine with pH strips, to ensure that it is slightly alkaline. But there some sections in our body where the pH value is completely different. For example, our stomach is loaded with HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) and has a pH level between 2 and 3.5. But this is necessary for the breakdown of food. While on the other hand, our blood slightly alkaline with pH level between 7.35 and 7.45. pH value of blood falling is again a serious issue and can turn fatal.

Acidic Foods are Not Responsible for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is basically a bone disease that causes because of mineral imbalance in bones. The disease is most common in postmenopausal women and can immensely enhance the risk of getting fractures.

Many alkaline diet supporters believe that blood extracts alkaline materials like calcium from bones to maintain the pH level and restrict acid from the acid-forming foods.

According to the above-mentioned theory, standard western diet or the acid-forming diet will decrease bone mineral density. This theory is commonly known as the “acid-ash hypothesis of osteoporosis”.

One of the major problems with this theory is that it completely ignores Kidneys, whose fundamental function is to regulate pH level and remove the acid. Apart from the kidneys, our respiratory system also plays a major role in controlling the pH level of blood.

Anti-Alkaline Foods

  • Processed foods
  • Eggs
  • Conventional meats
  • Lentils
  • Caffeinated drinks
  • Dairy products
  • Whole grain products
  • Walnuts and peanuts

Alkaline diet only includes whole foods that have positive effects on the pH level. It ensures stronger bones, healthy heart, reduced pain and lower nutrient deficiencies. If you are planning to follow this diet chart then you should totally avoid protein substances like meat, milk, eggs etc. it is a completely vegan-friendly diet and the best option to chose with vegetarian dietary supplements. Read our exclusive dietary supplement reviews, tally your views with our prescription pills alternative page and make a well-informed decision.

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