Free Trials - A Trick to Grab Your Credit Card Details

“Free-Trials” - Most of you have asked why Phen doesn’t offer any free trial packs because that can help customers gain confidence in them. Well, free trials are not what you think they are. Shocked!! Let’s elaborate.

Phen24, Phen375 and PhenQ are the three most popular weight loss dietary supplement available today.

Their popularity is so high that almost every rookie website owner wants to sell the product and earn some profit. Sadly, the manufacturers do not allow any other websites to sell their products.

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Scams - FREE Trial

But even then you will find a million unethical suppliers of these revolutionary supplements on the internet. Where do you think they get the product? Well, very obviously they fake it. The products that these companies sell are not just fake but are also dangerous to your health because you don’t know what they are made up of. When Phen24, Phen375 and PhenQ announce of being completely natural and free from side effects, these fake companies chalk out the multiple ways to fool potential customers with their fake products.

How Do they Do it?

Lucrative Offers: Firstly, these companies lure customers. They provide some unbelievable buying offers that you can never find on the official website. They take the benefit of you being uninformed. They know most of the customers are unaware of what foul game they are playing so, they can easily trap them with any of their simple and evil tricks.

If you fall for their trick and choose to buy from the website that is giving you an amazing discounted, then you are definitely ending up with no supplements or sometimes fake.

Free Trials: Other than the amazing discount coupons, you can also land up with websites offering you free Trails packs of all the three weight loss supplements. Well, the official website also does not offer any such deals because they are confident enough of their product. For the best of their customers, they have 60 days money back guarantee against all the three product.

Free-Trial pack offers are way more dangerous than fake pills because free- trial is just a trick to get the customer's credit card details. Once you give them your card details, no free packs would be entering your house, rather you will come across some filthy game that the company played with your credit card.


Being a winner or a complete loser is totally up to you. The internet can make you a victim or can save you by keeping you informed. The choice is yours!

It’s undeniable that these fake supplements and “so-called” miraculous products have actually spoiled the entire weight loss market. It has caused the potential customers to doubt on the effectiveness of products that can really make some difference in the way you look. But, if you are aware of the mischief going around, you can save yourself. But if you chose to be impulsive and go with your random and research free decision then, no one can stop you from being fooled. If there is something that you should also know,go check out our top 5 safe and effective diet pills that work comparison page.

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