Top 7 Over-The-Counter Weight Loss Pills

Best OTC Diet Pills

The trend of using supplements and over-the-counter pills for weight loss is quite popular. But are they effective and safe enough for your health? Unleash the truth now!

Quick weight loss pills are appealing and hard to resist. But, do these weight loss pills work or just burns a hole in your pocket? Are they safe? These are some most frequently asked questions and the answer is still not clear to many.

Unrealistic Expectations

There is no magic in pills and supplements that it can help you lose weight in just a week. The most genuine and effective way to lose weight is by changing your lifestyle. Eat healthily and food with low calories, keep exercising and you can definitely see a change. Pills and supplements are used to speed up this entire process. Remember, not every weight loss pill available is good for you. There are just a few names and you should restrict your choice in them only.

Research is Important

Don’t trust blindly, research thoroughly before gaining confidence on a single brand. Limited research can make the judgment difficult. Don’t trust on products simply because it is natural.

Once used in various weight loss products, Ephendra is a herbal stimulant that was highly popular. In the year 2004, FDA banned the use of this ingredient because of the possible side effects which included heart attacks, seizures, stroke, irregular heart rate, hypertension, mood swings etc.

It is important to do your homework before buying such products. But most of you don’t have enough time to do so. Hence, we have it done for you. Here is the list of Top 7 over-the-counter weight loss pills that you can safely try:

Product Claims Effectiveness Side-effects
Garcinia Cambogia Extra 100% natural, dual action, suppresses appetite & prevents the growth of fat cells Highly effective, featured in Dr. Oz’s Show as a revolutionary product. No reported side-effects yet.
Caffeine Natural, metabolism booster, energy enhancer Quite effective. Addictive, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, irritability and jitteriness.
Raspberry Ketones Increases fat breakdown and enhances the level of adiponectin- related to weight loss Not studied upon humans. But massive dosage of the extract showed great results on a rat. Can cause burps that will smell you like raspberries.
Alli (non-prescription pill) Helps you lose 5- 10 pounds in 6 months. Blocks 25% fat to get absorbed in your body. Modest benefits. Works less than prescription pills. Rapid bowel movements, oily stool, teeth and gum problems, headache and flu like symptoms.
Green Tea Extract Mood lifter, boosts fat burning, boosts norepinephrine- helps to break fat cells. Natural, has numerous health benefits and the presence of caffeine helps in weight loss. Headaches and other caffeine related problems like sleeplessness.
Glucomannan Absorbs water and forms a get that sits in your gut to promote the filling fullness. Glucomannan if combined with healthy diet can help you lose 8-10 pounds in 5 weeks. Soft and flatulence stool, bloating.
Bitter Orange Alternative of ephedrine, controls appetite and enhances metabolism Moderate. Has shown short term weight loss effects. Addictive. May cause serious heart issues.

Take Home Message

Do not take the pills without taking the consent of your doctor, especially when you are suffering from serious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. Pregnant and nursing mothers should also avoid these pills. Also, learn about The top 5 safe and best-selling Diet Pills that also promotes good health without any side-effects.

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