Dietary Supplements Vs Prescription Pills

Before talking about supplemental and prescription drugs, it is important for you to what this terms really mean and how they are different in terms of weight loss.

All non-prescription and prescription drugs available in the United States are regulated by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration. But supplements or specifically dietary supplements are treated as special food because they are not drugs and they aren’t undergone the strict safety guideline that a drug needs to fulfill. Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are not subject to these strict guidelines because they are produced using absolutely natural ingredients. The are manufactured in FDA approved laboratories only that will only use superior quality ingredients in the products.

Prescription Drug - Phentermine

Phentermine is a generic name for drugs like Adipex-P, Lonamin, Suprenza etc., used normally for the purpose of weight loss. Phentermine helps your body burn more calories and also suppresses the appetite, which makes you lose weight quickly. But, phentermine is controlled drug and is not available without a prescription. Phentermine is given to patients who are very overweight but only for a very short period of time(maximum 3 weeks). If you are taking this drug, you should cut your calorie intake and involve in regular exercising. It makes your nervous system go into a fight or flight mode by initiating a brain chemical called neurotransmitters. It was approved in 1959 and since then it is still on the market in numerous forms.

Phentermine Warnings:

There is a warning from FDA for every user of this drug. FDA strictly says that the dosage should be limited to 3 weeks and one should never take it along with any natural or supplementary treatments because there are plenty side effects of using Phentermine. Let’s Take a look:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Rash, skin redness or itching
  • Weakness
  • High blood pressure
  • Jaw, arm and chest pain
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Swelling of legs and feet
  • Dizziness
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Unpleasant taste in mouth

The list is way longer, so doctors rarely recommend this drug and even if they do, do not forget to tell them about any other drug that you are already taking. Phentermine works miraculously for weight loss but it also hampers your body.

Dietary Supplements

As mentioned earlier, Dietary supplements are not drugs and are completely composed of natural ingredients. Some of the most popular dietary supplements of today are Phen24, Phen375 and PhenQ. All the three are highly popular for their exceptional effectiveness, but what makes them really unique is that they are alternatives of Phentermine and has all its weight loss properties. Well, it might contain the weight loss properties of phentermine but is certainly doesn’t include any of its side effects.

Phen24, Phen375 and PhenQ are produced in FDA approved labs, which confirm that the ingredients used in manufacturing them are of superior quality. These supplements can be used by anyone and there won’t be any requirement for prescriptions. Most importantly, these are vegan-friendly and benefits you by suppressing your appetite, boosting energy, improving metabolism and burning fat. The 60 days money back guarantee for all the three products adds more interest in people to buy them.

Dietary Supplement- Warning

There is no age bar, but still individual below 18 should not consume these supplements. Apart from this, a pregnant and nursing mother should also not take it.

Apparently, there is no side effect still recorded for dietary supplements. Some mild effects include dizziness and inappropriate sleep because of caffeine. But this can also be regulated if you cut down the other sources of caffeine to your body.

Supplement Vs Prescription Pills

Dietary Supplements

Prescription Pills

Produced in FDA Approved laboratories

Produced abiding the strict guidelines of FDA

No prescription needed

Available only against prescriptions

100% Natural

Contains Chemicals

Vegan- Friendly

Vegan- Friendly

Improves metabolism Boosts energy Burns Fat Suppresses appetite

Burns Fat Suppresses appetite

No side effects

Multiple Side effects:

Shortness of breath Rash, skin redness or itching Weakness High blood pressure etc.,

The prescription drug is not for everyone, you cannot take the drug just because you want to look slim in your next occasion. It is a prescribed drug and can be taken only at your doctor's recommendation. On the other hand, supplementary pills are 100% natural and have no restrictions on its usage, which means you can use it whenever you feel like. It’s absolutely safe and away from dangerous side effects.

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