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Melt that fat. Burn that fat. We have often heard these slogans. Do you think that fat is the only root cause of your over-weight? Even water can be a major reason of your weight gain. If you think that this is something funny, then you need to read further.

Sometimes, the area between our skin and muscle fibers contains deposits of fat and of water. This water is responsible for weight gain, puffiness, soreness, heaviness, feelings of bloating and fullness all the time, etc. This is medically termed as water retention in the body and the effects of this condition are adverse for our body.

Now, from where does this water come? We are often advised to drink plenty of water but we end up in consuming excessive water. This water gets accumulated in that particular area, making us bulky. Even premenstrual syndrome can result in water retention amongst women. We need to maintain a proper balance of this water and reduce weight. Also, we have to reduce the uneasy feelings that interfere with our daily lives.

One of the powerful solutions for this big problem is Water OFF medications. Know more about this medication in detail.

What Is Water OFF?

Water OFF is a natural and unique formulation that deals with the problems of water retention in the body. Sometimes, our body suffers from various symptoms due to medicines, travelling or some kind of illness. This resulting painful bloating is reduced by Water OFF. Not only this, Water OFF is a useful supplement to shred your weight and enhance your muscle vascularity.

How Does It Work?

The working of Water OFF is influenced mainly because of its powerful and natural ingredients. These ingredients are plant-based and herbs that have unique abilities to generate more urine, enable proper kidney functioning, and soothing the muscles effectively. Thus, as you consume natural substances, your body functions properly and you do not experience the symptoms of water retention.


In Water OFF capsules, you can find a healthy combination of the perfect ingredients derived from nature. You get an herbal product for resolving your health concerns. You can check them below:

Vitamin B6: [1] Though this vitamin deficiency is not common, it can result due to several reasons such as autoimmune disorders. Lack of Vitamin B6 results in fatigue, pain and PMS in women. A supplement of B6 comes to rescue to get relief from pain and tiredness proves the same.

Juniper Berry Extract : [2] According to the study, Juniper berries have antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties. As the amount of anti-oxidants increases in the body, it removes the hindrances occurring in the oxidation processes in the yeast cells.

Buchu Extract: [3] As mentioned in the source, Buchu plant has detoxifying properties. When the water gets collected between the skin and the muscle fibers, it results in formation of toxins and cause several infections and harm to our body. Buchu extract helps to fight against these toxins.

Dandelion Root: [4] The study states that dandelion root has powerful abilities to enable kidneys to generate more amount of urine and extract it from the body. In this way, the water retention problem gets reduces. Water OFF team understands this well and hence, they have used this powerful ingredient in this product.

Uva Ursi: [5] The study observed that this herb soothes and relaxes the muscle tissues and fibers resulting out of inflammation. It also increases the amount of urine and extracts it from the body.

Thus, each of the ingredients present in Water OFF is backed by scientific study outcomes.

Why Water OFF Is Better As Compared To Other Brands?

  • Unlike other products, it does not contain any artificial substances that will harm your body.
  • The company does not force you to join any reoccurring billing or any kind of subscription mode. You can reorder their products as per your preferences.
  • A bulk purchase comes with an offer price to save some of your bucks.
  • If you have any doubts, you can get them resolved by contacting the customer service department. This service is not offered by other companies, letting you to make random and unnecessary purchases.
  • It targets on the main concerns of water retention in the body and provides you with substantial amount of relief.


Being a sigh of relief for most of us, Water OFF capsules provide an array of benefits in the following way:

1. Reduction in Water Retention

Water retention is also known as fluid retention, which is a serious impact of the inflammation process. A person who consumes a poor diet, or consumes toxins or if the kidneys of a person is not functioning properly, then it may result in water retention in the body.

2. Improve the Vascularity

Our body has a tendency to accumulate some amount of fat in between our skin and the muscle fibers. This amount of fat is actually healthy for our body and promotes effective physical functions. However, along with the fat layer, water retention also takes place in that area. This water is excessive in nature and can make you puffy or feel bloated most of the time. If this water content is reduces, then your muscles acquire a sculpted look and enjoy vascularity.

3. Promotion of Weight Loss

Similar to fat deposits in our body, water also gets collected and is known as water weight. This contributes to the body mass index. Water OFF proves as a natural and unique formulation to shred this off from the body and lose weight naturally.

4. Relief from Bloating Pain

When excess of fat and water is surrounded in your muscle fibers and skin, it leads to unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations like soreness in the legs, ankles and bloating in the stomach. Water OFF will provide a sigh of relief for these uneasiness.

Any Side Effects

Containing natural ingredients, Water OFF capsules is a safe product.

In case you have some medical concerns or if you want to simply avoid unpleasant effects of any product, then you can consult your medical practitioner and get your doubts resolved beforehand. It is always better to check prior to the purchase of the product, whether it is a right and wise choice for you or not.

Rest of us who are not having any medical issues can go ahead with the purchase without any doubts in mind.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Water OFF

Now, as you are enlightened with the benefits of Water OFF, are you still wondering whether you should give it a try? Then, these are the top 5 reason why you should consume Water OFF for an amazing relief sensation!

1. Obviously, the main reason you ought to try Water OFF is to seek relief from water retention concerns such as bloating, soreness, puffiness, and so on.

2. This reason tops out list of preferences. Who doesn’t want to slim down the waistline and look fabulous? All those fitness buddies who want to reduce weight along with excessive water in the body need to try this product.

3. If weight loss is happening naturally, then go for it. If water retention problem is getting resolved safely, then go for it. Packed with safe and natural ingredients, Water Off is definitely worth a try.

4. If you wish to go for a long-term solution, then you can grab the latest amazing offer from the website.

5. You do not have to fuss around as you are not required to obtain a doctor’s prescription to buy this product. A simple click on the right tabs will help in you in acquiring the product at your doorstep. Simple as it is!

Will It Work For Me?

If you are suffering from problems such as sore feet, sore hands, or bloating, then Water OFF will be like a miracle for you. Some people are not aware why they are suffering from bloating. They feel that they are eating in the wrong way. But it is not foot that is creating problems in your body, but excess of water is getting stored without any reason, disturbing the health of your organs.

It will work for you, provided you consume it as per the recommendations given or as per your doctor’s opinion.

What The Professionals Say About Water OFF?

Mayo Clinic Staff, Nov 25, 2014

According to the researchers, water retention is a symptom of Premenstrual Problem found in many women. This problem not only occurs on a monthly basis but it also interferes with the daily routine. Products like Water OFF will definitely help them.

Harvard Health Publications, July, 2008

Though water intake is good for our health, excess of it can be hazardous. Hence, it is necessary to consume optimum quality of water in a day.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version, March 06, 2016

Sometimes, our bodies hold too much quantity of water in blood, muscles, organs and bones. This results in sore and puffy organs. This needs to be balanced.


Before trying any product, checking reviews is a wise habit. We know your habit and appreciate it by providing some of the useful customer reviews of Water OFF capsules in the following manner:

Within a period of 2 weeks, this customer wanted all that he needed – significant weight loss and relief. He recommends this product for everyone who wants to witness a positive change in themselves.

Michael W Philadelphia, USA

This customer could drink as much as 5 bottles a day without any bloating that was experienced in the earlier days.

Grace G Rockhampton, Australia

This customer has noticed a slight change in his/her waistline in the initial days of the supplement consumption.

Olivia L Nanaimo , Canada

This is a unique review. This customer’s mother suffered from sore feet problem due to water retention. Within 3 weeks of consumption of Water OFF, mother could wear her usual boots and noticed a huge difference. She has ordered the product again for best results.

Katie S Wales, UK

So, this is an eye-opener for all of us who are not aware about the connection between the water retention and the resulting weight gain. The Water OFF capsules are one-of-its-kind that help in resolving this water retention problem and bring relief from bloating and other symptoms. This will not only reduce the amount of water but will also help you in reducing weight off the body.

So, why wait when you have a unique product solution in front of you. Try it and notice the new, positive you. You need to be alive and rocking to live a fulfilled life that you always wanted and always deserved!

Water OFF - at a glance
Purpose of Water OFF The main purpose of Water OFF is to deal with the water retention problem in our body and provide relief against the same.
Recommended Dosage It is recommended to consume 4 capsules in a day. If you want to gain the best outcomes, then take 2 capsules during mid-day and 2 capsules in the evening. You may also seek the opinion of a physician for the dosage recommendations.
Consume these capsules for at least 15 days to notice the difference.
Benefits Water OFF provides benefits such as reduction in water retention problem, promotion of weight loss, and relief from bloating pain.
Brand Name Vita Balance Limited
Price 1 Bottle – 60 Capsules - $23.95
2 Bottles – 120 Capsules - $42.94
3 Bottles Plus 1 Free – 240 Capsules - $63.92 (This offer saves $31.88)
Where To Buy Water Off? Official Website
Does a customer require doctor’s prescription to purchase Water OFF capsules? No. A doctor’s prescription is not required to purchase Water OFF capsules. You can simply order online from the official website of the company.
How many capsules are comprised in 1 Bottle of Water OFF? 60 Capsules
When can one notice the difference of these capsules? Immediate effects are visible once you start consuming as per recommendations. But outcomes may vary from individual to individual. Hence, you need to be patient.
Does one need to undergo lifestyle changes while consuming this medication? No. One does not have to undergo any lifestyle changes. However, one needs to consume a nutritious diet and should involve in daily exercise routine.
Can one shred off weight by consuming Water OFF capsules? The Water OFF capsules are power-packed with ingredients that assist in reduction of excess water from the body. This results in weight loss.
Side Effects Since natural ingredients are used in this product, it does not lead to side effects.
Shipping and Delivery Time USPS – Standard – 3-4 business days
USPS – Second Day – 1-2 business days
USPS/DHL – Tracking International – 9-12 business days
Are international shipments done by the company? Yes. Any customer in any corner of the world can order and gain benefits of Water OFF.
Are gift cards accepted for payment purpose? No. The company does not accept gift cards for the product payments.
Any reoccurring billing or subscription model applicable? No. Each order is treated as a one-time purchase. Customers are not placing into reoccurring billing or subscription model without their permission.
Is customer support available? Yes. Customer support is available through different modes such as telephone, email and live chat. All doubts and queries will be answered.
Any offers and discounts available? Yes. An offer is available in which you can buy 3 bottles of Water OFF and get 1 free of cost.
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