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We draft goals, make a vision board, buy all necessary outfits and equipment to exercise, prepare diet plan, fill our kitchen cabinets with healthy foods, tell our friends to be accountable, and share our fitness videos on social media platforms. But somewhere in this weight loss journey, we tend to lose our motivation and sink in our usual comfort zone. Not getting out of bed, feeling lethargic to exercise, binge eating for a change, and the cycle continues till we don’t find any difference on the weight scale.

It is easy to make plans and vision boards, but it is difficult to implement them in action. To be consistent is our basic objective and we need to adhere to it. Firstly, make up your mind that you will follow your plan on every day, instead of forever. When you say, “I will follow my plan today,” you feel less overwhelmed as compared to “I will follow my plan forever.” Consistency should start from a day, and then should be extended to a week, a fortnight, a month and so on.

In order to be more consistent, you can add a supplement in your schedule. Supplements like PhenBlue could be your best companion for losing weight in the most healthy and quick manner.

What Is PhenBlue?

PhenBlue is an industry-leading weight loss supplement that contains clinically proven ingredients to help you build a healthy diet lifestyle and increase your workout stamina, along with a higher metabolic rate.

These white and blue capsules provide you with a 360 degree approach in order to manage your weight and improve overall well-being.

How Does It Work?

The working of PhenBlue supplements depend entirely on its clinically-researched ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous, Ne-Opuntia, Organic Matcha, and Green Tea Leaf Powder. You can check in the following section how each ingredient will help you in achieving your fitness objective.

The patented ingredient, NeOpuntia occupies a key place in this supplement. It reduces the fat absorption in the foods that you consume daily. Hence, even if you are enjoying your favorite food, this ingredient will absorb limited amount of fats into the body.


Ne-Opuntia (Opuntia Ficus-Indica): [1] [2] [3] This is one of the popular fat binders and has an amazing effect on your weight loss goals. In a clinical study, subjects consuming this ingredient experienced a significant reduction in body fat, blood pressure levels and cholesterol. Also, it can also reduce the possibility of heart diseases, though more research needs to be done to prove this. In another study, it was observed that when subjects consumed this ingredient, more amount of fat was excreted from the body as waste and hence, it aided in weight loss.

Caffeine Anhydrous: [4] A commonly used ingredient in weight management, it burns fat, suppresses appetite, and boosts energy levels. You can use any diet program if you are consuming this ingredient, it will always supplement your program. A scientific study shows that caffeine anhydrous leads to quick and easy weight loss and can be used on a daily basis, without any interactions.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder: [5] It is a vital fat blocker and burner contained in this supplement. In a study, when subjects were provided with this ingredient, their energy levels increased within 24 hours. Simultaneously, they also observed reduction in the respiratory quotient during the same 24-hour period. Another research study witnessed fat blocking and thermogenesis.

Theobromine: [6] One of the benefits of this ingredient is increase in energy levels. In a clinical study, when this ingredient was combined with caffeine, subjects could experience better benefits in terms of appetite suppression.

Why PhenBlue Is Better As Compared To Other Brands?

Unlike other weight loss supplements, PhenBlue provides following distinct benefits:

  • It is priced reasonably and hence, it will not cause a dent to your pocket.
  • Each of the ingredient used in this supplement has been scientifically proven and hence, you are not risking your health at all.
  • Did not like the product? No worries as your money will be refunded, provided you return it within 30 days of the purchase.


PhenBlue benefits can be described as follows:

Enables Fat Interaction: Due to the ingredient having fat interaction properties, you can eat your favorite delicacies in moderate quantities and not absorb the fat it contains. If you stick to a healthy diet, then you can reduce some of the calories you consume everyday with the help of PhenBlue supplements. Instead of calling it a mundane diet, you can learn to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle without any sacrifices.

Enables Fat Oxidation and Thermogenesis: There is nothing unattractive than strong muscles covered with a thin layer of fat. PhenBlue can help you to slim down and iron out your fat in order to get a toned body. PhenBlue promotes lipid oxidation, thermogenesis and a rapid pace of metabolism. As a result, you can consume more calories in order to utilize them during exercise sessions.

Encourages you to build a Healthy Lifestyle: Instead of getting bored and fatigued with the dieting habits, PhenBlue helps you to create your own healthy eating habits without any guilt. You do not have to struggle and fight with yourself to stick to the new diet plan because PhenBlue will take care of it. You can focus better and concentrate on your work instead of worrying what to eat.

Increases Workout Stamina Level: Due to the energy-enhancing ingredients contained in PhenBlue supplements, you become more active and cheerful throughout the day without feeling fatigued.

Any Side Effects

If you are following each of the instruction given on the label of the supplement bottle, then it will not cause any side effects. People suffering from stimulants may experience unpleasant effects such as excitement and jittery. In case you have some serious allergies, then you should not use this supplement and approach your doctor instead.

Top 5 Reasons To Try PhenBlue

PhenBlue needs to be tried by all those who have decided to work on their excess weight for the following reasons:

1. Produced by a well-known brand Intechra Health, it is definitely one of the innovative health solutions of the company for the weight losers.

2. Priced at $34.50, it is one of the most reasonable weight loss solutions available till date.

3. You get excellent quality supplements delivered at your doorstep quickly and with no shipping costs involved.

4. Scientific studies have been conducted in order to prove the value of each ingredient. Hence, customers can get a scientific explanation why a certain ingredient has been used in the supplement.

5. This supplement inculcates healthy dietary behavior along with energy to pursue your fitness goals.


PhenBlue has been liked by many of the customers and they have expressed appreciation for the supplement in the form of following reviews:

One of the customers has been using PhenBlue supplements since last 3 months and she is satisfied with the outcomes. Her appetite has been decreased and her energy has boosted up. She recommends to consume this supplement to those who want to work on their energy and appetite.

Jessica W Atlanta, USA

Another customer experienced loss of 4 pounds by taking PhenBlue supplements. Her hunger has also been reduced to a great extent. She is targeting to reduce more 20 pounds by continuing the supplement and adding an aerobics training program.

Laura P Quebec City, Canada

A customer liked this appetite suppressant very much as it does not cause any unpleasant side effects on health. Earlier she used to be lathargic and experience hunger pangs all the time. But her hunger has been reduced. She has added tough exercise movies in her routine. She is planning to take this supplement for another 8 weeks and provide her updates.

Kirsten D Benoni, South Africa

Conclusively, PhenBlue is one of the healthiest way to gain consistency for your weight loss. You can stick to your diet, you can feel the energy boosting up, and you can notice the motivation in your mindset. When all these three come together with the help of PhenBlue, you can notice dramatic changes in your weight as well as in your overall life.

PhenBlue - at a glance
Purpose of PhenBlue PhenBlue is an excellent formulation to improve your overall health along with weight loss benefits.
Recommended Dosage You are required to consume 2 capsules of this supplement twice on a daily basis along with 8 oz. of water half an hour before a meal.
Benefits PhenBlue is beneficial for fat burning, fat oxidation, thermogenesis, enabling healthy dietary habits and increasing your exercise stamina level.
Brand Name Intechra Health
Price 1 Bottle of PhenBlue capsules - $34.50
Where To Buy Phenblue? Official Website
If a person does not like the product, can he return it? Yes. A customer can return the product under the 30-day money back guarantee scheme.
Is it suitable for a person who is allergic to peanuts, peas, beans, or nomane? No. Persons who are allergic to peanuts, peas, beans or nomane should completely avoid consuming these supplements.
If a person is suffering from depression or anxiety, can he consume PhenBlue? No. It is not recommended for persons suffering from depression or anxiety.
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