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So, how do you feel during the weight loss journey? Probably, optimistic in the beginning as you have set a goal and have also chalked out a concrete plan. But eventually, you realize that there are a number of challenges in this journey and you were not aware of it.

One of the challenges could be low energy levels. As you workout in the gym, you understand how much strength and stamina you actually have. Can you exercise every day with the same energy level? Can you go for harder exercise moves? Another issue pops up is that of appetite control? Can you resist that burger temptation in the evening? What about a dessert? As a result of low energy, and high appetite, your weight loss process suffers. You are not reducing the amount of calories that you had aimed for. You also understand that your metabolic activity, your immunity system, your digestive system should also be improved. You do not wish for a skinny body, but for a healthy and fit body.

In order to overcome these challenges arising in the weight loss journey, all you need is a super-powerful supplement. This supplement should be powerful to control your hunger, increase your energy, accelerate your metabolism, and improve your bodily systems and so on. Yes, there is a magical supplement that can really help you in the weight loss journey. It is Meratol by Bauer Nutrition.

What Is Meratol?

The primary objective of creating Meratol supplements was to address the challenging concerns pertaining to weight loss problem such as low energy, removal of fat, increase in appetite, and slower metabolic rate. The ingredients contained in Meratol fight with these issues and help you in achieving your dream of weight reduction and in gaining a fit and slim body.

How Does It Work?

Meratol is a proprietary blend of dynamic ingredients that overcomes all the weight loss concerns right from hunger control, to accelerating your energy and metabolism. Weight loss will become a simple job when you stack this supplement with a healthy diet and an exercise regime.

While Nopal accelerates the natural fat-burning mechanism, Lucerne improves digestion process. As usual, caffeine reduces food cravings, and thus your weight loss concern is resolved from all the angles.


Meratol is a perfect combination of rare yet valuable ingredients. You might not have read about these ingredients in detail. Hence, we will try to elaborate each of these in the following section.

Cactinea Powder: Being a cactus fruit extract, cactinea powder comprises of anti-oxidant as well as weight-reduction properties. The significant aspect of this ingredient is that is prevents the problem of water retention of the body. Hence, you can be least assured about the body fat as well as water retention issues. As the water weight is also shredded because of this ingredient, you gain a slim and trim body.

Nopal: It is a part of the prickly pear cactus family. Nopal is fortified with various minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron. Not only minerals, it also contains 18 essential amino acids and a lot of fiber, giving you all the benefits of weight management. It controls your hunger and reduces body fat by improving your natural fat-loss mechanism of the body. As the fat-loss mechanism is activated, it breaks down and removes fat from the body.

Ascophylum Nodosum: It reduces weight by accelerating the metabolic activity and by enhancing the immunity function of the body. One of the significant ingredients in Meratol, it irons out the fat deposits in the body which have been collected since days.

Anhydrous Caffeine: This is nothing but caffeine in the form of powder. It suppresses hunger, stimulates the process of thermogenesis, and burns the calories during the same. It gives you substantial amounts of energy so that you can perform well during the exercise regime.

Medicago Sativa L: The other name of this ingredient is Lucerne. It contains huge quantities of fiber. Some of its functions are regulation of female hormones, and improvement in the digestive system. As a consequence, you experience weight loss by burning the extra calories consumed by your body

Thus, all these ingredients work together in FenFast375 to provide you with an energy-inducing, fat-burning formula.

Why Meratol Is Better As Compared To Other Brands?

Rare and valuable ingredients Meratol is an effective combination of rare and valuable ingredients such as cactinea powder, nopal and ascophylum nodosum which offer immense benefits for weight management.

Easy-to-follow procedure Only 2 capsules a day in the morning – these are the only instructions to be followed while consuming tablets. Nothing is as easy and simple as this!

Offers multiple benefits Meratol not only aids weight loss but it also provides a number of advantages for your overall well-being.

As a result of the above pointers, one can find Meratol better than other weight loss products in the market. Many of the customers have turned their backs to other weight loss supplements and chosen Meratol instead.


Right from weight management to an immunity booster, Meratol offers significant benefits to us:

Aids in the metabolic activity: Meratol increases the overall metabolic activities in a body. This facilitates quick weight loss in a short period of time.

Controls hunger: It is essential to control hunger so that we consume less number of calories. Meratol performs this advantage.

Promotes the excretion process: Your toxins and unnecessary substances need to be removed from the body in order to maintain an optimum level of weight. Meratol facilitates ease in removing unnecessary fat and toxins through a smooth excretion process.

Supports the overall immunity system Our immunity system should be healthy and working properly all the time, whether you are reducing weight or not. Meratol takes care of the health of your immunity system and keeps it going well.

Promotes health of digestive system Meratol improves digestion process so that fats in the body can go through a quick break-down process.

Accelerates energy levels In order to burn more amount of excessive calories in the gym, you need more energy. Meratol accelerates the physical energy levels, providing you maximum potential to blast out in the weight room.

Thus, Meratol is a treasure house of multiple benefits in a single supplement. With a minimum dosage, you can reduce your weight and improve your health in a lesser period of time.

Any Side Effects

Meratol supplements are all natural and hence, they do not cause any side effects to your health or body. However, one has to follow certain precautionary steps:

  • In case you are a pregnant or breastfeeding women, then stay far from this supplement.
  • In case you have children, then you should place this bottle far from their reach.
  • If you are supposed to undergo a surgery, then you should stop consuming this supplement 2 weeks before the same.
  • In case you have doubts or queries regarding the supplement consumption, then you can approach your physician and get those cleared.
  • One should not consume it before bedtime as it can hamper your sleep routine.

Top 5 Reasons To Try Meratol

The top 5 reasons you should try Meratol are:

1. To gain benefits of a unique proprietary blend of ingredients.

2. To follow a simple supplement routine.

3. To avail an excellent quality supplement at a lower price.

4. To overcome the challenges arising during weight loss process.

5. To gain various benefits such as better digestion, better immunity, better excretion along with significant weight loss.


Following are the two genuine reviews of the customers of Meratol who have really liked the supplements.

The first customer has tried a dozen of supplements and spent more than 100 pounds to reduce weight. When he approached a physician for a supplement, he was recommended to take Meratol capsules. He experienced a weight loss of nearly 10 lbs. within a month. His eating habits have also been changed. Earlier, he used to eat a lot as he couldn’t resist his cravings. But because of Meratol, he does not feel hungry all the time and hence, he can stick to his diet schedule. He recommends other customers to buy this supplement.

Alex W Boston, USA

Another customer was gifted with Meratol supplements by his sister. As his sister had been using and experiencing the positive effects of Meratol since 6 months, she decided to gift it to her brother. Within 6 weeks, he could feel the similar positive results in himself. According to him, Meratol is easy to use, all natural and gives positive outcomes. He is very delighted to use Meratol since he has tried various weight loss products in the past. Now, he doesn’t have to hunt for a weight loss supplement anymore.

Jack K Warrington, UK

Meratol - at a glance
Purpose of Meratol Meratol is a unique formulation that speeds up your weight loss process and promotes overall health and well-being.
Recommended Dosage 2 Capsules a day in the morning along with a glass of water. Do not consume this supplement before going to bed. Over-consumption should be strictly avoided.
Benefits Meratol offers benefits such as hunger control, metabolism, fortifying immunity and digestive system and increase in the overall energy levels.
Brand Name Bauer Nutrition
Price $44.95 for one packet of Meratol capsules
Buy 2 bottles for $89.9 and get 1 free of cost
Buy 3 bottles for $134.85 and get 3 free of cost
Where To Buy Meratol? Official Website
Is money back guarantee scheme available? Yes. For a period of 60 days.
Is Price Match Guarantee available? Yes. They do price match in case you find a better product at a lower price.
Shipping and Delivery Free and Fast Delivery is done for the all the countries of the world.
Payment Options Payments are accepted via debit and credit cards of:
American Express
Is online chat facility available? Yes. One can chat easily with the customer service representative.
How many capsules are contained in a bottle of Meratol? 60
For how many days will a bottle of Meratol last for? One month.
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