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We all are well-acquainted with the pros and cons of regular teas. Hence, as soon as we commence with a healthy diet regime to lose weight, we replace regular teas with green tea sachets.

Hey friends, before you load your cabinet with green tea packets, we would like to read about this unique tea known as Kou Tea. You do not have to hunt the stores for weight loss specific teas but try Kou Tea instead.

Made out of 4 types of tea extracts, this superb formulation should be on your must-drink list. Here we go!

What Is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is a unique and special blend of herbal teas, a unique all-in-one formula for weight management, and other benefits.

How Does It Work?

Kou Tea is a perfect combination of 4 powerful tea extracts namely, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea. All these ingredients work together to melt fat rapidly, flush out toxins, accelerate your metabolism and supply your body with sufficient amount of nutrition.


Following four types of teas are blended to form Kou Tea:

Green Tea

It burns fat, increases metabolism and makes you lean and slim rapidly. Loaded with a lot of anti-oxidants, this tea flushes out all the free radicals out of the body, leaving all the health problems at bay. It even reduces problems such as heart diseases and cancer.

Oolong Tea

Loaded with nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, and minerals like calcium, potassium, folic acid, manganese, selenium and carotin. It is also comprised of polyphenol which manages your obesity problem and accelerates your metabolism.

Pu-erh Tea

It balances the blood cholesterol levels by lowering them significantly. Hence, those who are suffering from blood pressure problems can seek relief with this ingredient. It flushes out free radicals, improves digestive system, and treats stomach problems such as colon issues.

White Tea

Acting as an anti-oxidant, it removes free radicals, and rejuvenates your skin. It helps lose weight, promote blood circulation and maintains blood pressure levels.

Why Kou Tea Is Better Than Other Brands?

Other brands focus on only one kind of tea. While Kou is a blend of four types of teas.

You may feel a need to add sugar or a sweetener to enjoy the taste of other teas. But in case of Kou Tea, you can even drink it directly or add a little organic honey to it.

Pure ingredients are used in this product. Other products might contain substances that are not pure and authentic.

Other brands do not offer the same benefits as Kou Tea does. Hence, Kou Tea is the preferred choice of many customers.


The combination of Kou Tea contains powerful substances to render you with the following benefits:

1. Suppresses hunger cravings

When you are on a healthy diet, you might experience terrible hunger cravings. These cravings are especially with regard to fat foods or sweets, the foods that you like and which make you gain unnecessary pounds on your body. Kou Tea helps in suppressing these hunger pangs and lets you follow your healthy and wholesome diet. Some people even have a habit of having late night snacks. Don’t worry, Kou tea will suppress these feelings.

2. Accelerates metabolism

You must have observed that as age increases, the rate of metabolism decreases. Kou Tea helps in accelerating your metabolism and helps you in shredding pounds easily.

3. Burns Fat

Fat is the biggest hindrance on the path of weight loss journey. Kou Tea assists in extreme fat burn and makes you slim and lean. You can check out the images of the customers who have experienced considerable fat burn after drinking Kou Tea.

4. Fights against free radicals

Free radicals are ever-ready to make you aged and look dull. But do not worry as Kou Tea is for your rescue. It will fight against free radicals, and make you look young and glowing.

5. Balances cholesterol levels

Surprisingly, the ingredients in Kou Tea are effective in balancing the cholesterol levels.

Any Side Effects

Hey, Kou Tea is a natural tea and there is nothing harmful about it. However, if you are allergic or sensitive to certain teas such as green tea, then you have to take extra precaution. Check the ingredients beforehand, analyze whether it will suit you or not, and then make a purchase decision.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Kou Tea

1. Instead of sipping on your regular tea, sip on Kou Tea. Simply buy and try this product and you will experience a welcoming change in your weight and yourself.

2. Only selected leaves are chosen. Hence, you can find that the taste and smell of this tea is better than expected.

3. You can drink it anytime. You do not have to keep reminders for taking this product.

4. Though it may sound a bit pricey for you, but you can grab a money-saving package instead. You can even gift it to someone you care for.

5. You do not have to rely on weird diet plans. Just be natural and adopt a healthy lifestyle. The results will be in favor.


She was not so obese. But she wanted to reduce few pounds to look more attractive. People would comment on her, “You look good. But if you lose some more weight, you might look beautiful.” Laureen could not wear dresses meant for slim girls, and this hurt her a lot. She tried Kou Tea and really loved the amazing surprise of the company. She likes that Kou Tea is a blend of different types of tea leaves. Instead of relying on one tea, you can gain benefits of four types of teas, which is pretty impressive. She drinks it in the morning and feels a splurge of energy while exercising. She has lost weight and has now reached her expected weight target.

Ashley B Hawaii, USA

She had a huge appetite since childhood and could never get rid of her weight problems. Kou Tea helped her suppress her appetite, and lose weight within a period of 6 months. She drinks Kou Tea every day to maintain her weight. She is a regular customer of this brand.

Kate F Hobart, Australia

She was hesitant to drink this tea without any sweetener, but she liked its taste. It boosted her energy levels, and gave her capacity to perform her daily workouts. Her appetite also reduced because of this tea. Within a period of 5 months, she lost 38 pounds, all because of the magic of Kou Tea.

Nadine G Oklahoma City, USA


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In a nutshell, Kou Tea should be on your should-try list of shopping. Simply dip a sachet in a cup of hot boiling water and brew it for a minute. Do not over-brew. This simple process will fetch you a cup of steaming, hot weight-loss-specific tea!

Kou Tea - at a glance
Purpose of Kou Tea Kou Tea is a combination of naturally sourced ingredients to provide a slimming blend.
Recommended Dosage You can drink Kou Tea instead of the regular black tea, whenever you want.
Benefits Kou Tea provides benefits such as rapid fat burn, better metabolism, reduction in food cravings and so on.
Brand Name Koutea
Price 1 Box of Kou Tea bags is priced at $34.95.
Where To Buy Kou Tea? Official Website
Can a customer avail discount? Yes. Please refer the Offers section above.
Does a customer have to follow a diet regime while taking Kou Tea? A customer can easily forget all the crash diet and weird diet regimes. Simply enjoy sipping on Kou Tea and lose weight naturally!
Can one add a sweetener of organic honey to Kou Tea? Of course, one can add honey or any sweetener of his or her choice while preparing a cup of Kou Tea.
How many teas are included in Kou Tea? Four types of useful teas are included in Kou Tea.
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