CLA2000 – An Essential Fat For Your Weight Loss

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Fat. We have to burn it. We have to melt it. We just have to get rid of it. But do you know that an essential fat such as CLA actually helps in losing more weight. Surprising, isn’t it?

But it is true indeed. CLA is present in high-fat foods and it is not possible for us to consume these foods on a daily basis. Taking a supplement becomes our wise choice. Time to get rid of the myth and to know more about CLA2000 in this article.

What Is CLA2000?

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is a form of essential fat comprised in dairy products, red meat and beef. Even though it has been said that high-fat foods are harmful for your health, research has been conducted with this regard to prove that CLA is an effective weight loss catalyst.

The experts at Vita Balance Limited took this research into consideration and formulated a CLA-based supplement known as CLA2000.

How Does It Work?

Before we understand the working of CLA2000, we should know what CLA is. CLA is a group of chemicals found in foods, high in polyunsaturated fats. CLA is also compared to the omega-3. CLA is an essential fat which cannot be produced by the body on its own and needs to be sourced from food sources only.

Even though it is an essential fat, it promotes weight loss, builds lean muscle mass, and higher energy levels. Your food might not be adequate enough to provide you with the right amount of CLA. Hence, it is a wise decision to take a CLA based supplement which is pure and authentic.

No need to consume dairy products or red meat when CLA2000 is in your hands.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid – 2000mg (From Safflower Seed Oil) – It provides the following:

  • Conjugated linoleic acid – 1560 mg
  • Oleic acid – 300mg
  • Palmitic acid – 60mg
  • Stearic acid – 60mg
  • Linoleic acid – 20mg
  • Other ingredients are gelatin, glycerin and purified water.

Why CLA2000 Is Better Than Other Brands?

You can find hundreds of CLA products which promise you with sky-rocketing results. You have to check for the cheap products and find out the best and pure one like CLA2000.

CLA2000 does not contain harmful ingredients: Other cheap CLA products are comprised of harmful ingredients, fillers, and binding substances. CLA200 has been prepared as per the GMP standards and are manufactured in a FDA-approved facility.

CLA2000 is pure: CLA2000 is infused with 2000mg serving of CLA. Other CLA products do not contain the pure and sufficient concentration of linoleic acid and hence, they are impure and render poor performance.

CLA2000 is not sourced from foreign sellers: Other websites do not sell CLA products manufactured in US. Those supplements are sourced from foreign sellers. CLA2000 is sourced, manufactured and distributed in the United States itself as per pre-established standards.

CLA2000 is not subject to billing scams: Some of the websites attract your attention with free trials and ask for your credit card information. They even bill you for multiple months without your knowledge. This is nothing but a marketing scam. But CLA2000 purchase is a one-time purchase, exclusively with your permission. You are billed for what you have ordered and nothing else.


Being a sigh of relief for most of us, Water OFF capsules provide an array of benefits in the following way:

1. Promotes weight loss

CLA is an excellent ingredient to promote weight loss in us. According to a scientific research, CLA also facilitates healthy metabolism in a human body.

2. Increases lean muscle mass

Some of the supplements available in the market result in decrease in muscle mass along with weight loss. This is definitely not acceptable. CLA2000 is an exception as it increases lean muscle mass naturally. The CLA extracts reduces the trunk mass and helps build more lean muscle mass. If you are combining this supplement routine with a diet and exercise regime, then you can experience amazing results.

3. Promotes healthy immunity

Saturated fats harm your body in some or the other way. But CLA2000 protects your body against such harm. It increases your immunity health, and reduces free radical damage due to the high quantity of anti-oxidants present in it.

4. Increases healthy energy levels

Those who are undergoing weight loss programs, they often experience reduced levels of energy. CLA2000 understands this very well and hence, it has been formulated with energy-boosting ingredients to fuel your body with the requisite energy.

Any Side Effects

No side effects have been reported from any customers till date. But if you are suffering from any serious medical condition or are taking certain medications, then it is advisable to seek an opinion from your family doctor regarding the same.

Top 5 Reasons To Buy CLA2000

1.A natural way for weight loss: Weight control, weight loss, and higher metabolism are some of the health benefits of CLA200. Due to the high content of CLA, your body receives what all nutrients it needs. Hence, for all those who are looking for a natural weight loss supplement, here you go!

2. A natural way for lean muscle mass: It acts as a catalyst for protein synthesis process, CLA2000 increases the growth of lean muscle mass in the body. CLA2000 is a fantastic way to build muscles, and tone and shape your body.

3. A natural way to support your immunity: CLA fights against free radicals and strengthens your health. Along with weight loss, your body also receives the essential nutrition.

4. Reasonably priced: No other supplement will provide you with natural health benefits at a reasonable price. CLA2000 is affordable and effective.

5. Reputed brand name: Vita Balance Limited is a reputed brand name and has been serving its customers with premium quality health supplements.


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Following are the package discounts:

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Thus, CLA2000 is a healthy dosage of CLA for your body and health. You can now accelerate your performance with this unique supplement and reach your weight loss targets at the earliest this year.

CLA 2000 - at a glance
Purpose of CLA2000 CLA2000 has been designed to render weight loss and increase in lean muscle mass, with its powerful natural ingredients.
Recommended Dosage 2 softgels of CLA2000 with a meal is the recommended dosage.
Benefits CLA2000 renders benefits such as weight loss, lean muscle mass, better immunity and higher energy levels.
Brand Name Vita Balance Limited
Price 1 Bottle of 60 softgels of CLA2000 is priced at $24.95.
Where To Buy CLA 2000? Official Website
Can a customer order for CLA2000 directly on the website? Of course. As it does not need a prescription, one can order directly from the online portal.
How many softgels are contained in a bottle of CLA2000? 60 softgels
How many days does it take to deliver CLA2000 supplements? It depends on the type of delivery service you select. Generally, it takes 3-12 business days.
Any discounts and offers available? Yes. You can check the “Offers” Section to know about the current deals. Alternatively, you can also keep a tab of the website to understand the latest deals.
Public endorsements CLA2000 has received endorsements from renowned channels such as Fox News Channel, CBS, and WebMD.
Is ordering CLA2000 is a one-time purchase? Yes. Obviously, it is one-time purchase. No marketing scam is involved.
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