Frequently Asked Questions - Phen24

Phen24 uses the most powerful and effective formula to address all your issues regarding weight loss. The ingredients used in this pill are 100% natural and of superior quality. For best results it works on your body day and night for boosting your energy level, offering you better sleep and improving your metabolism. Phen24 is the ultimate solution for people who are looking forward to a slim body in no time. If you are also hurrying to achieve your glamorous look, this is your golden opportunity.

Well, one box of Phen24 will consist of both day and night capsules. To be more accurate, you will receive 30-day capsules and 60-night capsules in one pack, which is a complete package for 30 days.

Phen24 day capsules should be taken with your breakfast every morning (one daily) and Phen24 Night capsules (two daily) should be taken at least 15 minutes before your consuming our evening meal. With no stimulant content in the night pill, you will not feel any sleep interruption.

After years of research, it has been concluded that people mostly take 66 days to break their habits. But fortunately, Phen24 won’t need such a long time to break your diet habits.

We know everyone is different and thus, we recommend our customers to order a supply for two months.

Yes! Phen24 is a complete vegan-friendly product. Both the day and the night pill is vegetarian and won’t ask you to compromise your dietary preferences.

Phen24 is a complete no-no for you if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. You should also not take Phen24 is you are under 18, have depression and take antidepressants. Phen24 is also restricted for individuals having diseases like breast cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, testicular cancer, an autoimmune disorder, endocrine disorder, and diabetes.

For original Phen24 supplements, you should always make your purchase from the official website. Payment method will be stated there.

Caution: Never purchase Phen24 from other sites like eBay or Amazon. Original products are sold only on the official site so, other cheaper products available on the other websites are fake and spam.

Well, we use the most secure process out there. We use 2048- bit encryption, which is a similar level security that is used by some of leading banks.

We ship our products worldwide and the shipping is absolutely free. All our products are shipped with discreet packaging so, there is no risk of privacy leakage.

We always have great discounts and lucrative offers for our customers. Visit Our Official Website and you can get a list of all our ongoing discounts and offers.

Absolutely! We offer a “60 days money back guarantee” to all our customers. All you need to do is return us the entire box of Phen24 you bought along with the original packaging within 67 days from the date of your purchase. When we get your return, we will issue a full refund.

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