Vegan Diet- Beginners Guide with A Week’s Meal Plan

A vegan diet is extremely popular these days. More and more people are choosing to become complete vegetarian for either health, environmental or ethical reasons. Well, if you follow the diet perfectly, you can surely achieve a trimmer waistline and normal blood sugar level. However, a diet completely based on plants and its food can also create nutrient deficiency in your body.

What is a Vegan Diet?

Veganism is normally considered to be a way of living that excludes every sort of animal products like clothes and food in order to discourage animal cruelty and exploitation. This is why, vegan diet doesn’t include any animal products like dairy, meat, eggs etc. There are numerous reason to choose vegan diet, but mostly it is because of the myriad of health benefit it offers.

Some Popular Vegan Diets

The Raw Food Diet: This diet is totally based on raw vegetables, nuts and fruits. Even if you are cooking, it should be below 118 degree fahrenheit.

The Starch Solution: This is a high carb And low fat vegan diet quite similar to 80\10\ 10. But it's basically about cooked starches like potatoes, corn and rice In place of fruits.

80/10/10: This is a raw food vegan diet which limits plants rich in fat like avocados and nuts. It mainly relies upon soft green and raw fruits

Raw Till 4: This is also inspired from 80/10/10 and starch solution. This diet also encourages low fat diet and raw foods, which you can consume till 4 p.m. along with this, you also get an option of plant-based cooked meal for dinner.

Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet Influence Weight Loss

Vegans tend to me more slim and toned than non- vegan. They also have a lower “body mass index (BMI)”. This also explains why so many people are interested in vegan diet these days. The weight loss benefits that a vegan experience, may also happen because of the healthy lifestyle they chose and regular physical exercising. Several reports and studies have concluded that vegans are more healthy and loses weight more easily than any other diet plans.

Health Benefits of Following Vegan Diet

Alzheimer’s Disease: Studies say that few aspects of this diet helps your body reduce the risk of growing Alzheimer’s Disease.

Risk of Cancer: Vegans are less threatened with cancer. The risk of developing cancer and dying because of it lowers by 15%, when it comes to vegans.

Kidney Issues: Diabetes substitutes meat proteins with plant proteins, which automatically reduces the risk of Kidney disorder.

Arthritis: Plant-based food diet effectively reduced the symptoms of morning stiffness, joint swelling and pain.

Foods You Should Avoid

Anything that is related to animal is not promoted and included in vegan diet. The list includes:

  • Bee products: Royal jelly, bee pollen, Honey
  • Eggs: No eggs of chicken, fish, quails and ostriches.
  • Dairy: Ice- cream, cheese, cream, butter, milk, and yogurt.
  • Poultry and Meat: No quail, duck, goose, turkey, chicken, wild meat, organ meat, horse, veal, pork, lamb, beef etc.
  • Seafood and Fish: all sort of fishes including lobsters, crab, mussels, calamari, scallops, shrimps, anchovies etc.

Vegan Meal Plan For A Week


  • Snack- Vegan Kumquat Creamsicle Smoothie( pureed whole kumquat, cashew paste and frozen mango), popcorn, Miso Shake and Dried Olives( lemon zest, miso, rosemary and olives).
  • Dinner- Vegan bean chilli
  • Dessert- oatmeal chocolate chip cookies( coconut, whole flour, dark chocolate chips and oatmeal).


  • Breakfast- Toasted oatmeal with raspberry, cranberries and maple syrup.
  • Lunch- Chickpeas salad with celery and cumin. ( save for tomorrow)
  • Snack- Almond butter and banana.
  • Dinner- Frito Pie ( jalapenos, pickled onions, fresh cilantro, sliced scallions, and lime) and leftover chili.


  • Breakfast- Strawberry shortcake smoothie and garlic toast.
  • Lunch- Quinoa salad with herbs and cucumber ( grape tomatoes, quinoa, mint, parsley and cucumber) or leftover chickpea salad with celery and cumin.
  • Snack- Avocado with hot sauce, lime, and salt.
  • Dinner- Dried olive flavor shake with zucchini and roasted tomatoes ( roasted tomatoes, pasta, garlic, olive oil and rosemary).


  • Breakfast- Vegan tofu scramble in turkish style
  • Lunch- Leftover pasta or giant bean salad in spanish style with smoked celery and paprika.
  • Snack- Cheese from kite hill creamery or Miyako and olives..
  • Dinner- Colombian vegetable soup or lentil soup with lemon zest or kale and polenta soup with toasted miso and sesame oil.


  • Breakfast- Toast with avocado and refried beans
  • Lunch- Soup leftover or rye berry and carrot salad with Marcona almonds, cilantro, and celery.
  • Snack- Dates with peanut butter
  • Dinner- Vietnamese sandwiches marinated with coriander and grilled lemongrass.


  • Breakfast- Toast with avocado and matcha banana smoothie.
  • Lunch- leftover daikon, pickled carrots, cilantro, grilled tofu and cucumber on rice or green salad.
  • Snack- Raw veggies with homemade hummus.
  • Dinner- Kale soup with coconut, peanuts, and sweet potato.


  • Breakfast- Black beans, charred corn, pepitas and refried beans with chilaquiles.
  • Lunch- leftover peanut soup
  • Snack- Green salad and mushroom ragu with polenta
  • Dinner- Homemade vegan ice cream.

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